Find out a lost Child Trust Fund, even if you don’t know the provider.

Amongst all the Child Trust Funds in the UK, more than seven lacs of them remain non-operational for the most part because of different reasons such as the inactivity of the people, or the wrong contact information provided. These millions of sums that could be used to reap benefits stay stagnant due to the lack of information on the same aspect.Lost Child Trust Fund

If you happen to have any Child Trust Fund or finding a way to get the lost child trust fund back, then you have reached the right place. If your child was born between September 01, 2002, and January 02, 2002, then there are high chances that he has a registered Child Trust Fund in the UK and there could be hundreds or more of pounds lying in it. But due to the negligence of the citizens, these funds go unnoticed for years and devoid the children the right to get their savings in the Child Trust Fund once they reach the age of 18.

If you were eligible for the Child Trust Fund scheme, then there are chances that £500 would be credited to it for free by the UK Government. This free amount is credited to boost the parents, relatives, or friends to invest in the Child Trust Fund and make savings in order to save tax. Presently, the relatives to the child can save up to £9,000 each year into the Child Trust Fund. Also, those who have lost their Child Trust Funds previously can now track the same with the help of guidelines given by HMRC.

Tracing a lost Child Trust Fund

If you are not certain about whether you have the Child Trust Fund or where it is located in case it exists, there here are some steps you need to follow in order to track a lost Child Trust Fund.

  • Create a government gateway user ID and if you have one, then log in using the details such as the user ID and password for the same.
  • Then, you will be asked certain questions regarding the Child Trust Fund if you are the trustee to the fund or have some information in that relation. Answering those questions, you will be easily able to move on with further formalities.
  • After sending the request for the details of the Child Trust Fund, HMRC will send you the information of your Child Trust Fund within the 3 weeks of the request sent.
  • Furthermore, HMRC will reach you if they want more information regarding your relationship with the child, whether he/she is adopted, or you are a guardian appointed by the court or the parents to the child.

The process to find the lost Child Trust Find is not at all complicated and you can easily track yours provided you give the right information to the HMRC. This way you can add to the savings of your child and they can have enough financial options when they turn 18. If you are still not satisfied, then you can contact us and get the relevant information about a lost Child Trust Fund.

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