The UK has been perceived as a country where the formation and running of a business or a company are easy and effortless. Whether you want to build a start-up, non-profit organizations, or other international undertakings, the facility of agents and various company registration services has made the UK a preferred place to set up your own company without hassle.

One of the things that matter when forming a company is the location you are choosing for that purpose. It can be the central region of London after Brexit or anywhere else in Europe, in each case, it impacts the survival and running of your business and you might want to consider various possibilities by consulting with our agents.

Setting and running a Company in the UK aids in holding the position of your business at the highest level of prestige and honor, which ultimately is going to attract more clients to your business without many efforts, especially in the beginning. No matter the exact location of your company, the name UK itself is going to elevate the reputation of your company manifold. In fact, when operated and worked out the strategies correctly, you can be rest assured to get listed amongst the world’s topmost businesses.

Company Registration services
Company Registration services

London offers sudden arrival of visitors to your company, which in turn increases the credibility of your business and you get benefit with an increased number of clients; which would not be achievable provided you pick a not so famous location or country for your business undertaking. The excellent first impressions of your business assist your company in the long-run and people will take you seriously.

All countries and governments across the world are searching for ways to expand their economy by way of inviting more entrepreneurs to the game. Company formation services appear to be the best endeavor for that aspect since most start-ups are not well-accustomed to the means by which a business or a company is built.

New companies come with innovative and fresh ideas that bring new sources of an economic boost for the country and also, this creates new income opportunists as well. The prospect of encouraging the different start-ups each year has been well appreciated by the UK government and they never forget to mention it in their annual financial budget.

Requirements for Company Formation

Picking the name

For rendering professional company formation services, there are some requirements you need to fulfill. The foremost requirement is choosing the name for your company to be incorporated. If it is hard for you to come up with one, do not worry as we can assist in this aspect and assure that all the processes concerning the name reservation are executed professionally and legally. Your application may get rejected the first time, but we can also arrange the new application until it becomes accepted.

Requirements for the application

  1. Name of the company accompanied by its registered address.
  2. At least one director who is legally recognized and responsible for the smooth operations of the business.
  3. One or more shareholders having some shares or stakes in the company.
  4. Memorandum of Association mentioning a statement signed by the parties involved directing their intentions towards the formation of the running of the company.
  5. Articles of Association containing the rules agreed and following upon which the companies are going to work in its operational capacity.

Types of Company formation in the UK

Public Limited Company (PLC)

A public limited company or PLC is a company that makes its shares or debentures saleable and accessible to the public domain or general public at large. These types of companies begin operating as private limited companies and then get registered as a PLC for the purpose of raising capital for their business.

For being registered as a public limited company, the company should already possess the share capital of at least £50,000, out of which 25% of the share capital should be paid up before the company starts to trade. Also, public limited companies should have a company secretary and two directors before they get officially registered as a public limited company.

We offer transparent and excellent services for public limited company formation in the UK. Our agents provide great assistance to the shareholders and directors in building a public limited company.

A company limited by shares

A private company limited by shares is the most often opted option for company formation in the UK. They are the ones that mention ‘private limited’ at the end of their official name. One of the reasons why this type of company is preferred amongst the masses is because, in case of wounding up or insolvency, the amount that the shareholders responsible in that scenario is only limited to the reserves of the company.

On the other side, only a single person or a sole trader is held liable for the income generated and debts related to the company. In case of non-payment of the debts, his assets can be confiscated in order to make payments for the debts. Besides, there are no strict requirements regarding the share capital as it can be incorporated with an investment made with a small amount.

A company limited by guarantee

For the formation of a private company limited by guarantee, the guarantors of the company give their consent to the amount that they all will pay when the company winds up. This way it becomes limited by the guarantee of the guarantors as they bound themselves to a specific amount in case of company wound up.

This type of company formation is done when setting up a social or non-profit enterprise, charities, clubs, etc. This gives the facility to pay a less amount in the event they decide to shut off the organization. There is no requirement of share capital or for even shareholders for that matter. Guarantors or incorporates a company agreed upon paying a negligible amount as low as £1 when the company winds up.

Regardless of the type of company formation services you require, we offer to register your company in an efficient and stress-free manner.

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