Private Trust Company (PTC) – Service as a Trustee by Angel Trust Family

Angel Trust is your reliable Private Trust Company (PTC) that helps manage your assets (money, land, investments, or buildings). We are established as a trustee of a trust or group of associated trusts. If you are from a high net worth family looking for a professional trustee to handle your substantial wealth and wanting the PTC to be your legal owner, then you can rely on Angel Trust. As a leading brand in the UK, we understand the nature of the businesses of our clients and provide professional and accurate services.

Private Trust Company - Trustee

Angel Trust has highly experienced and qualified professionals with expertise in the financial services and backgrounds in accountancy, law, trusts, and private client services. We also offer protector services to trusts and independent directors to the boards of private trust companies. As long as we control and manage your assets, they are properly protected and there will be no chance of any disruption.

At Angel Trust, we understand that you cannot always be available and or stay around to monitor your assets. In addition, assets need to be transferred to a new trustee in case of the demise of the owner, which consumes a lot of time and money. As a reliable partner, Angel Trust takes care of everything. Our professionals will always be available to help you manage your assets and let you enjoy significant tax benefits.

If you want to leverage the expertise of expert services, hire a reliable Private Trust Company like us to create a private trust company. In general, there are different types of elements to the registration process and we can handle them under one roof. We will manage large amounts of paperwork and spend a lot of time required for meetings in order to set up a private trust company.

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