Protectors / Guardians / Enforcers

Do you require a third party to act as a protector to a trust? If so, contact us as we are a renowned brand to act as a  Protector to a Trust, Guardian to Foundation beneficiaries, or Enforcer to a Purpose Trust for external entities

As your trust protector, we will handle everything, ranging from watching over the trust that will be effective for a long, ensuring that it has no effect by changes in law or circumstances, removing and replacing trustee, amending in the trust to cater to the updated law and regulations, Resolving disputes between beneficiaries and the trustee(s) or between trustees (if there is more than one).

We will also help you change distributions from the trust based on changes in the beneficiaries’ lives and adding new beneficiaries if there are other descendants.

With our important supervisory roles, you get an independent oversight which is often fulfilled by family members or close friends. When it comes to finding a professional Protector, this can be best-provided y a third party to the Trustees who may have to often handle conflicts of interest if they also fulfill the role of protector.

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