A Foundation is an entity with a separate legal personality, like a company, but it also has the ability to hold assets for the benefit of others (the beneficiaries) like a trust. A Foundation can be formed for a particular purpose or to hold assets for beneficiaries or a combination of the two. Foundations have historically been used for charitable purposes and family endowments in civil law jurisdictions but are now becoming increasingly popular worldwide.

if you are worried because of the shortage of time and high expenses incurred on managing your Foundation? Angel Trust provides you with professional Formation services for Guernsey Foundations and full administration of Guernsey and non-Guernsey law Foundations. So, you can stay focused on the worthy tasks your foundation supports.

Angel Trust: A Trusted Foundation Administration Services Provider

Foundation Administration services of Angel Trust is designed to flawlessly manage the day to day running of your foundation. We offer customized and value for money solutions.  With us, you will have time enough to focus on your philanthropy by monitoring all the time-consuming, yet efficiently important back-office work required by every well-run foundation.

At Angel Trust, you’ll get adequate support and services for your foundation. The services we provide include active compliance monitoring, tax preparation and filing, transaction processing, and financial and regulatory reporting. Since our professionals often collaborate with prominent tax and legal professionals, as well as stay in close coordination with the IRS, we are able to prepare proprietary back-office systems and operating procedures. We provide any or all of the following solutions related to Formation services for Guernsey Foundations and full administration of Guernsey and non-Guernsey law Foundations

  • Budgeting, Events administration
  • Financial Administration
  • Complete federal and state filings
  • Becoming the registered office
  • Preparing, and attending board meetings
  • Daily tracking of the annual distribution
  • Shortlisting and sifting applications for funding
  • Real-time monitoring for possible compliance issues
  • On-time processing of taxes, grants, payroll, and more

Let us be your partner to get help in a whole lot of services, making sure you can run your foundation smoothly, at a much lower cost.  We have a dedicated phone line for support and an inbox to handle grantee queries. Get in touch to have experienced relationship managers who help run your foundation day today.

To know more about our Foundation Administration service, feel free to contact us and talk about our services and solutions. Angel Trust feels pride in providing a personal and bespoke service to every client.

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