Non Executive Directors

The mission of Angel Trust is to provide support to the competence of boards in realizing opportunities and meeting challenges.

Our Principals undertake external Non- executive roles with a view to adding value to external boards by supporting your Corporate Governance, Regulatory, and Substance requirements. We are helpful in maintaining relationships with the wider business community and enhancing knowledge and experience.

As your trusted Non-Executive Director (NED),  we help corporates with creative construction by providing independent oversight and construction challenges and get involved in plan exercises and policymaking of your business. In addition, we also assist in monitoring executive directors and acting in the interest of your company stakeholders. This is possible because our professionals are equipped with strong principles, adequate knowledge, and proper skills that recognize commercial success and are underpinned by strong responsibility, corporate citizenship, and sustainability.

How Trust Angel’s NED Help You

  • Board meetings – As your trusted partner, we will attend Board meetings in a Non-Executive capacity for helping you with external skills, unbiased challenge, and support for Executive Directors.

Independence – Our top talents will assist you by offering unbiased Independent views through support and expertise on agenda items or projects.

  • Best Practice & Compliance – As your non-executive director, we guide and suggest the Best Practice under the UK Corporate Governance Act for current Board performance, Departmental Processes, Systems, Company structure, or creating a new Board.
  • Adding New Skills & Knowledge- Being external to your corporation, we will be committed to adding new skills, such as years of Financial expertise, and industry knowledge that your existing business structure may lack.
  • Strategy – Expertise & Direction – We are able to offer independent views from outside the organization, using our expertise and knowledge on global markets and industries. Thus, you will get expert support in forming your company Strategy and Control.
  • Contacts & Connections – With more than a decade of experience, Angel Trust has managed to contact hundreds of professional connections in multiple industries globally, who are available to use and share knowledge with you.

At Angel Trust, we understand the importance of Non-Executive Directors for your business with both the right skills. The requirements for Directors at the head of an organization for the  Board to be both efficient and effective are essential. Our partner with us for your business success as our non-executive directors play a very significant role in structuring your company’s Board of Directors.

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