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Our services ensure sustainable business along long-term connections with clients, Staff & other stakeholders

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We have extensive experience in all types of trust work and can easily understand your goals and spirit.

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To ensure that we deliver top-notch professional and personal services to our clients.

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The Angel Trust Family

Angel Trust family is a brand name and wholly managed by AE Morgan Corporate Limited, our registered office is in London. We serve in the field of registration of:

We are good at our business and offer a quality of service to our clients.

A leading name at what we do, we help startups, SMEs, and big businesses thrive by navigating the complication of ever-evolving rules and regulations. Our professionals offer them helping hands to accelerate and achieve their goals. The Angel Trust Family partners with you to transform and untie your potential of operating model by driving the efficiency, technology, and insight required for attaining a competitive edge.

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Angel trust Family
our services

What we bring to you


Preferred tax and legal advisers a number of different type of trusts which could provide a more specific and tailored solution to your needs

Trusts Registration Service


An entity with a separate legal personality, like a company, but it also has the ability to hold assets for the benefit of others like a trust.


Company Administration Service

We can incorporate and administer Guernsey Companies and also administer and manage companies.


Private Trust Companies (“PTC’s”)

A PTC is a company that acts as Trustee to a discrete family unit and family members can

Private Trust Companies (“PTC’s”)

Non-Executive Directors

Supporting Corporate Governance, Regulatory, and Substance requirements by adding value to external boards.

Non-Executive Directors

Protectors / Guardians / Enforcers

We can act as Protector to a Trust, Guardian to Foundation beneficiaries or Enforcer to a Purpose Trust

Protectors / Guardians / Enforcers