What is non-executive directorship?

Over the past few years, the role of non-executive directors in the companies of the UK has increased manifold. Whilst the non-executive directorship is prominent in listed companies but over the years even private and small companies have also started to work with them and give them recognition. Let us understand how a non-executive directorship […]

Trust vs Will: Which one to opt for?

When we talk about estate and assets management, will and trust are the common terms that pop up in our minds. Although both the terms appear to have a similar meaning as people refer to them interchangeably when talking about estate planning. But both of them have entirely different meanings and modus operands. If you […]

All That You Must Know About Family Trust Registration

Are you wondering what actually Family Trust Registration is all about? You may know that trust helps clients manage your assets and property with the intention that they are distributed among family members after your death as per your wishes. This leads to saving your money, time, and paperwork. Typically, a family trust is traditional. […]

About Family Trust Fund

British trust law has the credibility of a long, fascinating history date back to the feudal times of the 12th century. Initially, trusts we generally used for managing ‘will monies’ and to create family settlements. Of late,  “trust” has turned to be an umbrella term for various financial frameworks. It is destined to let citizens […]

Trust Registration Service

Trust Registration Service By Angel Trust Family The Trusts Registration Service (TRS) is an online service. It provides an exclusive way for trustees and personal representatives of complex estates to meet their registration obligations. TRS has replaced the paper 41G (Trust) form and the ad hoc procedure for trustees to apprise HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue […]

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